How to Blur a Video on CapCut? (Easy Steps)

Do you sometimes wish you could obscure specific text in CapCut? The method is widely used on video-sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok and is made feasible by the video-editing software CapCut. How to blur a video completely or selectively is explained in full here. Methods for making video backgrounds less noticeable are also discussed.

In what ways would the CapCut Video Blur Effect be helpful to you?

Video blurring effects may be utilized widely and imaginatively in CapCut. You may give the individuals in the tape a sense of secrecy or mystery by blurring the background or the unpleasant part of the video, removing distractions, and focusing more attention on the core scene. While providing a video commentary, blurring the footage may significantly enhance the legibility of the subtitles.

Tutorial on Adding Blurring to Your CapCut Video

You must first download the CapCut app on your mobile device to get started. CapCut may be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store if you don’t already have it. In addition, please examine the PC instructions if you plan on editing videos using the CapCut program on a personal computer.

1. Launch the CapCut Program

Open the app on your mobile device to begin blurring a video using CapCut. Create a new project, choose the footage from your camera roll that you wish to blur, and click Add.

2. Check out the consequences of the CapCut

To access the video effects menu, choose Effects from the panel’s editing options, then click Video Effect.

3. Select the Blur Effect

After that, we need to find the blur option and choose it. The Blur effect may be found under the Basic menu. Instead of using a more complex blur effect, like Motion Effect or Slanted Blur, we’ll utilize plain old blur.

4. Set the Blur’s Duration

If we choose the blur effect, the Adjust option will pop up so we may tweak the blur’s duration and where it’s applied. Drag the control bar to the right if you want to blur the video entirely.

5. Export the Video with the Blur Effect

Select the checkbox and return to your workstation for the blur effect to take effect. The period of the blur may also be changed in the timeline, as seen in the image. When you’re satisfied with your shaky film, click the button in the top right corner to export it.

Using CapCut to Blur a Portion of a Video

It’s sometimes necessary to obscure the whole image but only a specific area inside it. With CapCut, you may apply an overlay to your video and blur it to hide a particular area of the scene. Now we get to the simple steps.

  1. To blur an area of a movie or a single object in the film, start CapCut, create a project, and import the video.
  2. Using the CapCut Overlay feature, you may superimpose two copies of the same video. When editing, carefully position the overlay to blend in with the background footage.
  3. As we did before, open up CapCut’s effects menu and apply the blur filter to the video overlay.
  4. Since your overlay video is pixelated, we will play the background at its original resolution. To use Mask and Overlay, choose that option from the main workspace.
  5. Select a mask form whose geometry best matches the object you want to obscure, and then play with its position and size.
  6. Okay, that’s all! You may now save the video and share it with others.

A Video’s Background Blurred in CapCut

In addition to blurring an object in the video, blurring the background is necessary. In this method, the foreground object will stand out less naturally than the background. Although this process is somewhat different, the CapCut software may still be utilized to accomplish the goal. In the following paragraphs, I’ll show you how to use CapCut to blur the background of a video.

  1. Start CapCut, do a new project and drop the video file.
  2. You may choose the area of the video to be shown while the rest of the screen is blurred by selecting the Format option from the bottom of the screen.
  3. Let’s go ahead and choose Canvas from the workspace option and go back to the movie editing area. Choose the “Blur” menu item.
  4. Then, choose from many blurring options for the background, depending on your needs.
  5. Once you’ve applied the blur background effect, use two fingers to resize the video to fine-tune the size of the area you want to remain in focus.
  6. Select Export Blur Background Video at your desk from the menu bar.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it great how flexible CapCut is? Now that we’ve arrived, we hope you’ve found this article’s advice on blurring a video, a film segment, or the video’s background informative and helpful. It’s time to show off to your fans and acquaintances.

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