5 Best Capcut Alternatives For Video Editing in 2022

Because of its versatility, extensive feature set, and user-friendliness on mobile platforms, the CapCut mobile app for video editing has garnered a lot of positive feedback from community members who like editing videos. We regret to inform you that the CapCut app is only compatible with mobile devices; it was not designed to work on desktop computers. Many of our clients have requested, “Are there any dependable CapCut alternatives compatible with desktop computers and portable electronic devices?” In this piece, we’ll look at the top five alternatives to CapCut that are available for Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and the web.

We have reason to suppose that you are seeking free video editing software for your PC, given that CapCut is a free tool for editing videos. As a result, this post will only cover the free CapCut choices available for Windows. They are just as efficient as the alternatives that cost much more money.

What is CapCut, and is it compatible with PCs?

CapCut is the program used by default for editing videos on TikTok, one of the most well-known social networks mainly focusing on video content. TikTok has billions of visits daily. Because it is available as a free application for editing videos on iPhones and Android phones, CapCut can meet the requirements of each creative person.

However, since it was developed for mobile phones, CapCut does not provide any inherent functionality to desktop computers. Those users who are used to the layout and functions of CapCut will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with the new version.

5 Best Alternatives To Capcut


FilmForth, a free and feature-rich video editing program similar to CapCut and compatible with Windows 10 and 11, is the best video editor comparable to CapCut for the personal computer. It consists of tutorials to provide the user with a good experience. The user can also come across several templates.

It has a straightforward user interface and can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store with minimal fuss with only a few clicks. The best CapCut alternative for Windows is a tool that does not include watermarks, is versatile, does not cost anything, and is simple even for inexperienced users.

Filmora 11

Filmora is the name of a well-known video editing program developed by Wondershare. Its newest update, Filmora 11, has endless customization options and has become an excellent alternative to CapCut for Windows-based personal computers. The only problem is that the movies it exports to other countries have watermarks. We only just worked out how to convert videos created using Filmora that do not include watermarks to MP4 format.


VideoPad is developed by NCH software. It is yet another free and straightforward video editor comparable to CapCut that is compatible with the PC operating system. It satisfies your day-to-day needs with a multitude of simple functions that are yet helpful. VideoPad is a superb video editor that can be operated on Windows PCs and laptops. It takes up a little storage so that anyone can download it.


iMovie is another outstanding video editor. It is a free tool that comes pre-installed on your iPhone, Mac PC, and Mac laptop when you buy one of these Apple products. You may accomplish easy video editing chores with its help. iMovie can be used to do basic video editing activities such as adding text and music to movies. You can use this on Mac and iPhone.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is compatible with both Macs and Windows PCs, so you may use it to edit your movies on any platform. A free version is just as user-friendly for those without prior experience. It enables you to carry out complicated editing operations quickly and efficiently. Such as copying the color grading from one video and pasting it onto numerous films. Since it is compatible with 3D media, DaVinci Resolve is an excellent alternative to CapCut editing 3D video.

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