How to use Green Screen on Capcut – Full Guide 2023

Capcut is an easy-to-use video editing app that makes green screen effects a breeze. Its simple and intuitive interface lets you quickly create stunningly realistic backgrounds with your photos or videos. The app also has a wide range of features, making creating original content with green screen effects easier.

How to use Green Screen on Capcut?

Green Screen is a powerful video editing tool that allows you to create stunning effects and backgrounds for your videos. With the help of Capcut’s easy-to-use mobile app, you can add green screen effects to your videos with just a few taps. Here’s how it works.

Get the Green Screen Effect : In order to use the green screen effect on Capcut, you’ll need to download the corresponding video transition from the store. Once downloaded, it will be available in your library of transitions and effects.

Add Your Video Clips : Open up your project on Capcut and select the video clips you’d like to add the green screen effect to. You can arrange single or multiple clips in your desired order.

Add Green Screen Effect : Once your video clips are ready, select the green screen transition and drag it between them. This will add an overlay to your video with a green screen effect.

Adjust the Transition Settings : Once you’ve added the transition, tap on it and then select “Edit.” Here you can adjust the settings for how long the transition should last and what type of effect it should have (e.g., reveal from left, right, top, and bottom).

Save and Export : Once you’ve finished editing your video with the green screen effect, tap “Save” to save it on your device. You can then export it in any desired format and share it online or upload it to a platform of your choice.

How to use Green Screen Background Removal Tool?

You can also use Capcut’s Background Removal Tool to achieve the green screen effect. Here are the steps:

Choose Your Clips and Images

First, choose two clips or images you want to combine in your video. The background should be the image/clip of what you want your subject to appear against.

Launch Background Removal Tool

Next, launch the Background Removal Tool by tapping on it from the list of tools available in Capcut. Tap “Remove background” and select your video or photo with the green screen as its background.

Adjust Settings

You can now adjust settings such as sensitivity and tolerance, which will determine how much of the green screen will be removed. You can also toggle between “Fullscreen” and “Crop” modes to further adjust the background removal.

Add Transitions or Effects

Once satisfied with the result, you can add transitions or effects to your video as desired. You can also save and export your video in any format you choose for sharing online or on another platform. With Capcut’s Green Screen feature, creating stunning videos has become much easier! Now, unleash your creativity and turn your videos into something truly remarkable!


Making videos with green screen effects can be a great way to engage your audience and add a unique flair to your projects. Thanks to Capcut’s easy-to-use tools and powerful features, creating stunningly realistic videos with green screen effects has never been easier. How to use Capcut’s Green Screen feature for creating amazing videos with green screen effects.

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